Christian Ministry Partnership

Christian Ministry Partnership

What is the vision of Christian Ministry Partnership?
The mission of Christian Ministry Partnership is to equip, serve and train the local ministry/church/leader on becoming more effective in their assignment and purpose.

What is the purpose of Christian Ministry Partnership?
Christian Ministry Partnership provides (1) Mentorship (2) Spiritual Covering and (3) Leadership Development.

  1. Mentorship: Personalized mentoring will be provided to enhance your strengths, challenge your weaknesses and develop your capabilities. Through accountability one learns to focus on their vision, goals and objectives.
  2. Spiritual Covering: CMP provides an apostolic covering and mentorship to senior leaders of both traditional and untraditional ministries. Please note: Not all partners to CMP require Spiritual Covering and therefore further inquiry will be made as to the intended purpose for partnership.
  3. Leadership Development: As a Christian Ministry Partner, you’ll be invited to attend (1) workshops established to develop leaders (optional), (2) seminars designed to develop ministry workers and (3) providing personal and private training and biblical counseling sessions.

What Christian Ministry Partnership is not?
Christian Ministry Partnership is not an organization or a denomination. Christian Ministry Partnership does not require its partners to be identified with a religious standard of practice that is not scripturally based. We do not “lord” over your ministry; we are here to assist you in its maturing, development and effectiveness.

Is there a financial requirement to join Christian Ministry Partnership?

No requirement is imposed. A financial requirement will never be imposed upon you for partnership. The practice of giving and sowing of seeds is encouraged; but it shall never be made mandatory to doing so. We ask, that as this ministry blesses you, that you consider (voluntarily) prayerfully sowing a seed offering of any amount. Your seed offering enables us to continue in our Kingdom Advancement Efforts. If you are unable to financially commit to sowing a seed; this does not affect our partnership with you. Our commitment is based upon our desire to see you grow and purpose being established.

What are the benefits of partnership?

  • Availability and access to Senior Leadership for counseling, guidance, accountability and more…
  • Personal, Leadership and Ministerial Development (One & One  |  Corporate)
  • Personalized ministry development
  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Discounts on ministry products, conferences, etc.
  • Special Seating at Conferences, Seminars, etc.
  • Participation in Holy Convocation Ceremonies
  • Sharing in International & National Assignments
  • Clear access to teaching materials, leadership tools, etc.
  • Possible ministry location for Global Kingdom Training Institute* (*to be determined based upon location)

Our resources, experience and leadership stand ready to see the success of your ministry/church.

CMP will require that all associated partners exemplify in character and conduct, behavior that is in line with biblical principle. CMP will confront any moral issues that arise in partner ministry leadership, using the biblical mode of judgment of such matters. Letters of release, acknowledgments of partnership, and other endorsements of partners will be provided at the request of the partnering ministry’s senior leader.

What next?

Please send us an email with your request for an application... Email: OR complete our online application.


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Valrico, Florida 33594

(813) 657-9400

Sundays @ 10:00am
1st Tuesdays @ 7:30pm


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