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Every year, my wife and I take an opportunity to sneak away with some amazing couples from around the globe. We converge upon our designated venue, whether by air, land or sea. It's been over 10 years of hosting these memorable, life changing and impactful meetings. Our Retreats are designed to help couples RESET, REKINDLE and REFRESH. Our time together, no matter how brief, provide a moment to be alone with your spouse, to be empowered by our facilitators, to interact with other couples and to engage in our various Q&A sessions.

Make the investment into your marriage and be our vip guest! - Dr. O






  • By simply sending in your required deposit, you will be considered registered.

  • Within 24-48hrs of registering, you will receive a text/email with further info. and confirmation.



As a note, we do not require any couple to attend any of our sessions held aboard. However, it is encouraged that you and your spouse discuss what sessions you will attend, if any. The attire for our workshops are casual, unless otherwise indicated. Refreshments/Lunch will be provided at sessions held.

  • Wives Only Session w/ Pastor Georgia Salmon aka Mama G (90 Minutes)

  • Husbands Only Session w/ Dr. ONeil Salmon aka Apostle O (90 Minutes)

  • Interactive Impartation Session w/ Spouses (Held w/ Apostle O & Mama G)

  • Night Owls Dinner Excursion... Meeting at a local restaurant... TBA


What are the lodging and amenities?

What is the expected attire for this retreat?

Almost all sessions are casual/business casual. Unless otherwise stated and usually specific to the event, you are free to dress comfortably. Dinner excursions are usually dressy in nature and couples can decide on how formal they'd like to be.

Can I make payments outside of those scheduled?

Yes, you can. Payments of any amount can be made, so as long as 1st deposit is made in full according to the date mentioned. The final due date for all payments is September 15th.

What other undisclosed cost exists?

As typical to hotel/resort stays, a credit/debit card will be required and a small nominal hold may be on your card for room incidentals throughout the duration of your trip/stay. Meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are to the expense of each guest. Should any meal be provided, it will be stated in advance of the day and also be reflected on your official retreat agenda, which is provided within 30 days of travel. Lastly, each couple is responsible for travel to and from venue, shopping expenses and any other fees not clearly stated.

Is my trip refundable?

Will event be live streamed, recorded or photographed?

Photographs will be taken throughout the duration of the event for use at the discretion of the Event Hosts; photographs typically used for advertising and publications. Event is never live streamed. Couples are encouraged to take their own photographs and asked if publishing to social media, to use hashtag #BCDRetreat2023

How do I get updates, special announcements or info. on changes?

Please text @bcdretreat to 81010

What about public safety, covid-19 precautions, etc.?

We encourage all couples to consult with their physician should they be exhibiting any sickness within 3 days prior to attending. In addition, we encourage each couple to determine what's best practice for themselves. Masks are optional, if not otherwise mandated by local governments or the venue location(s).

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