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Let's hit the streets together and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all. Lace up your sneakers and let's walk out the Great Commission. Your testimony is a powerful witnessing tool; someone needs to hear it. Connect with others, as they go out monthly to share the Good News of God's Love.

First Touch


Serving is at the core of who we are at The City. The best way to make a difference in our community is through kingdom service. By connecting to First Touch, you can serve at any one of our designated posts: Ushers, Greeters, Parking Lot, Our Help Desk (AMA) or Hospitality Team. A great place to begin serving, if you are new to the ministry. Our dream team is jam packed full of volunteers who love to make things feel special for our guests every week. The members of our church take a bit of pride in making people feel welcomed at The City. We're always looking for more people like you to help us love on others at one of our weekend experiences.



Are you moved with compassion to pray for the sick, broken, impoverished, destitute or for the nations? If you feel called the pray or would simply like to develop a stronger prayer life, this is the group for you. Let's grow through the Word, more intimate in prayer and become more connected to needs of others. Perfect setting for the novice to grow in their prayer walk.



Giving back & helping those who are in need is not only our mission, but our call. Helping people with their holistic needs was a part of Christ's concern. We get to make a difference through our Feeding Efforts, Back2School Give-A-Ways, Community Service, etc. Through our Non-Profit "Operation Restoring Hope" we collaborate with community businesses and others who share in this concern. Together, we can make a difference.



We could always use your help on campus. It's a huge responsibility and cost to maintain the beauty of our property. Your help to clean, repair or simply help maintain the property makes a difference on the finances of the church and the overall health of the property. This opportunity is available most week days and on the weekends. Give a few hours or be on rotation. You decide. Together everyone achieves more.

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