Convocation (also referred to as “set-apart gathering”) is the most widely used word to bring people together, by churches, Christian religious institutions and synagogues in today’s generation.

  • Holy Convocation is the Official Annual convening of delegates of Christian Ministry Partnership.

  • Holy Convocation is the meeting where the leaders are installed, licensed and ordained to the work of ministry.

  • Holy Convocation is the only convention the Church holds where delegates are provided the unique opportunity to interact with delegates from every corner of the globe.


  • INTERCESSION & PROPHETIC IMPARTATION... This evening is a time for our Chief Apostle to lay hands on the Ministry Leadership and their families. It's a time of Prophetic Impartations by our House Prophets, Partaking in Holy Communion, Performing Water Baptisms & Praying at the altar together. It's the perfect way to launch this Elevation Weekend.

  • EMPOWERMENT NIGHT SERVICE... On this evening, New Leadership is officially installed into Office and Special Recognitions given. All churches & ministries a part of the fellowship are given an opportunity to appoint, lay hands and address their leadership. This evening entails worship, fellowship and the preached word.

  • OFFICIAL DAY SUMMIT... This is the Main Event of the weekend. On this date, individuals are Licensed and/or Ordained into ministry. It's a very formal event. Already licensed or Ordained Clergy attending and/or participating are asked to wear Ceremonial or Civic Attire. It's an unforgettable experience for both the Ministerial Candidates, their families and congregation.

  • FAMILY & FRIENDS DAY CELEBRATION... This is the Grand Finale of the weekend. It's a casual dress kind of experience. This is no ordinary Sunday Service. This a time for all the ministries attending to share the stage, bond and honor the Lord in ministry service. Stay back after the service for the fellowship, food and fun.