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Whether you’re an aspiring, emerging or experienced leader, there’ll be something in this course that’ll inspire, sharpen and develop your life and leadership potential.

For well over a decade, our Pastoral Training Program has developed and certified several men and women for the work of ministry. You’ll develop the skill set needed to become well-trained, well-grounded and well-equipped for your unique calling.

Graduation Ceremony


Our entire program costs $495.00

Installment options available upon request.


Our Semester Term Begins in August and Ends In June

Of Each Year.

Online Classes

34 Lessons

68 Credited Hours

Classes Held 2x Monthly

Held On Zoom

Engaging Interactions

Biblical Discussions

Relevant Teaching




(1) Download a sample syllabus and become familiar with what subjects will be discussed over the semester. 

(2) Complete Enrollment Application using the link above.

(Within 5 business days of enrolling, details concerning Start Date, Tuition, etc. will be sent to you)

(3) Set a meeting to discuss "What enrollment in our program means?" and to have your questions answered.

Chris & Mieysha Carter

Christopher Carter

Transparency is often the key to revelations. This course has touched on many epiphanies that span far beyond the spiritual maturation required to pursue a leadership role within ministry. 

Removing the often elusive Curtain of Leadership has allowed for an open dialogue-focused, deep dive into many aspects of Ministry Leadership, encouraging edification within all facets of life.

Shawntae Colman

Empowered and grateful are the first two thoughts that come to mind. Every subject covered uncovered more layers of not only the calling and the position, but the person I am, often being very timely. Even topics I honestly thought weren't so necessary for me, I found myself in deeper reflection with more lessons learned. I absolutely feel more equipped and empowered as a ministry leader, in my gifts, and even as a believer! It has been the training and instructions I needed in the season that I didn't know I needed!

Andre & Cathy Duncan

Andre & Cathy Duncan

The Pastoral/ Leadership class has been a Life Changing Transformation for me and my Wife as we look to accomplish everything God has Ordained us to do. We are being held accountable to the People we are called to Lead.

I Corinthians 4:15

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